Gregg Godfrey was the Brainchild/ Collaborative Creator behind Nitro Circus and has been a major player in the progression of the extreme sports world since the late 1990’s.  As an established film maker, Gregg’s family has followed in his footsteps along with some of the friends.

GODFREY is a group of family and friends, that work as Daredevils and double as a production house for promotion of companies, products, and events.  With world records, creative minds, and a unquenchable desire for adventure on a weekly basis, Godfrey as a whole is a “Jack of All Trades”.

What does Godfrey do?

Daredevils- Godfrey has always been a place to find the best of the best athletes and to get the work done that your company/ product may need! Need someone to do something insane? Godfrey is DEFINITELY your people.

Story Tellers- If there’s one thing Godfrey wants to be known for, it’s telling the story behind the adventures, or the story period.  We love helping people tell their story better, even if you’re not sure what yours is, that’s our specialty- let us help you!

Production House-  As passionate film makers, content creators, and story tellers, we love creating the visual story behind others passions.  Have a great idea? Lets work together.  Need some ideas? Lets work together.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  YouTube and TV commercial work is our specialty.

Who are We?

These are just a few of our Key players in Godfrey’s world!  Each having different talents and bringing something different to the table. Follow them on social media to see more.

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